Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation (Social Media Marketing, SMM) is the process of utilizing various social media networks like Facebook and Twitter in order to reach a larger audience. Social media optimisation services focus on obtaining "followers" or users for each social media network in order to spread a marketing message across numerous networks.

Social Media Optimisation helps to

. Attract more customers and business inquires

. Connect at a personal intensity with your existing clientele

. Generate useful, exciting and educative content for clients and potential

. Quickly enhance your brand reputation throughout social shares

Social Book markings

Social bookmarking usually implies posting a two or three line description that goes along with a bookmark. Keywords are used in the description to make it interesting enough that users will want to click the link when they read it. There are hundreds of social networks out there and they all have a following of some kind. Some of the more popular social bookmarking sites are Dig, Delicious, Sphinn and Stumble upon, etc.

Article Syndication

The benefit of utilizing article syndication service is in 2 ways. One, you will get quality backlinks to your website and secondly, the content of the articles will serve to brand you as an expert in your field or industry. There are good chances that the traffic from articles to your website can convert to sales.

Online Press Releases

Online press release can attract visitors to your website as well as get inbound links to your site. Press release content needs to be newsworthy. Readers on search engines should peruse it as useful information about your company.


We provide blogging services for our clients in order to assist with the spreading of the company's message with the intention of improving the content of a given website. A blog provides a company with valuable targeted keywords, branding initiatives, and can also be designed as a form of communication to users.